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This Is Your Captain Speaking

The remarkable life, career, and faith journey of the star of The Love Boat and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. For 16 years, millions of Americans welcomed Gavin MacLeod into their living rooms every Satu...

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Captain Cook

The best-selling author of Marcus Aurelius: A Life offers a new view of Captain James Cook and vividly recreates his voyages into the heart of the Pacific.

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Marrying The Captain

Ever since her father tried to sell her as a mistress to the highest bidder, Eleanor Massie has chosen to live in poverty. Her world changes overnight when Captain Oliver Worthy shows up at her struggling inn. Despite herself, Nana is drawn to her ha...

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The Captain Departs

Early in 1885 Americans learned that General Grant was writing his Memoirs in a desperate race for time against an incurable cancer. Not generally known was the General’s precarious personal fi­nan...

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The Captain Of All Pleasures

Determined to seek revenge on Captain Derek Sutherland, who had seduced and then rejected her, headstrong Nicole Lassiter, the daughter of an American sea captain, decides to help her father beat Suth...

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Captain America

Six months ago, Crossbones kidnapped the Red Skull's daughter, Sin, from a government re-education facility and disappeared into the night. Now, he and his spawn of infinite evil have come to the American Midwest to tear a new hole in A.I.M. - but no...

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Captain Blood

Peter Blood was many things in his time--soldier, country doctor, slave, pirate, and finally Governor of Jamaica. Incidentally, he was an Irishman. Round his humorous-heroic figure, Mr. Sabatini has written an exciting romance of the Spanish Main.

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Captain Action

Captain Action was introduced in 1966 in the wake of the Batman TV show craze, and quickly received his own DC comic book. Able to assume the identities of 13 famous super-heroes, his initial career w...

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Captain America Vol. 2

Captain America (2012) #6-10. The odd saga of Dimension Z continues, with the shocking fate of Captain America revealed: Steve Rogers is dead...long live Captain Zola! But even as Arnim Zola gets everything he wants, a traitor strikes. Ian's fate is ...

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Captain Marvel Jr 36 Classic

When young Freddy Freeman was atttacked by Captain Nazi, he was saved by Captain Marvel, but his condition remained grave. The only way to save him was for Captain Marvel to transfer some of his powers to the boy. Suddenly, when he said the name "C...

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Japanese Destroyer Captain

Known throughout Japan as 'the unsinkable captain' of World War II, Tameichi Hara was a hero of the Imperial Japanese Navy. He led his destroyers into the thick of combat in practically every major naval battle in the Pacific. Here, originally publis...

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Captain Kangaroo Drank Himself Under

"Captain Kangaroo Drank Himself Down Under" is a collection of super serious, sometimes silly, or just simply sarcastic verse. Warning: this book is not meant to be consumed by the irony impaired....

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Captain Bloody Bones

Captain Johnny Bones loved to sail the seven seas with some of the roughest shipmates that ever sailed. Captain Johnny Bones ship was called Bloody Bones because every ship that crossed Captain Johnny Bones path would be hammered with cannon fire and...

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Captain Wentworth's Persuasion

Witty, romantic and insightful, this novel retells the love affair at the heart of Jane Austen's Persuasion from the perspective of the suitor--Captain Wentworth. Written in the language of the era, C...

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HE first encounter with scurvy at sea for the young James Cook, then. 28 years . Green, astronomer, and Mr Parkinson and Mr Buchan, natural history artists.

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Captain Jack Crawford

Jack Crawford (1847-1917) entertained a generation of Americans and introduced them to their frontier heritage. A master storyteller who presented the West as he experienced it, he was one of America'...

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The Death Of Captain Cook

Argues that the British Admiralty covered up details of explorer James Cook's death on a Hawaiian beach and facets of his personality in order to create a portrait of a hero.

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The Adventures Of Captain Underpants

Tra-la-laaa!! The NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling Captain Underpants series is now available in ebook edition, featuring Flip-E-Rama, bonus content, and more! George and Harold have created t...

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The Block Captain's Daughter

Guadalupe Anaya, a waitress, is pregnant. She is also the newly elected block captain of Sunflower Street, in charge of raising awareness of safety in her southeast Albuquerque neighborhood. Her campaign platform: God helps those who help themselves....

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Captain Phil Harris

The electrifying behind-the-scenes story of the late Deadliest Catch star, from his own two sons. Prior to his untimely death in 2010, Captain Phil Harris was a star of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, the hit show that follows the exhilarating...

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