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Teaching Kids Recorder Margo Hall

Teaching Kids Recorder offers a hands-on, innovative and engaging approach to teaching recorder to elementary and middle-school students. The approach bridges rote learning and literacy while building the physical skills needed for success in playing...

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Tips For Teaching Kids With Asperger's, Grades PK 5

Teaching Tips for Kids with Asperger's is the ultimate guide for implementing practical strategies to improve school success. It is a must-have for all parents and teachers with a child with Asperger's and includes explanations of Autism Spectrum, cl...

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Teaching Gifted Kids In Today's Classroom

Fully revised and updated for a new generation of educators, this is the definitive guide to meeting the learning needs of gifted students in the mixed-abilities classroom— seamlessly and effectively with minimal preparation time. Included are prac...

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The Poetry Toolkit: The Essential Guide To Studying Poetry

With examples from an extensive range of poets from Chaucer to today, The Poetry Toolkit offers simple and clear explanations of key terms, genres and concepts that enable readers to develop a richer, more sophisticated approach to reading, thinking ...

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Please, No More Poetry: The Poetry Of Derek Beaulieu

Since the beginning of his poetic career in the 1990s, derek beaulieu has created works that have challenged readers to understand in new ways the possibilities of poetry. With nine books currently to...

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Kids Review Kids' Books

Collects reviews written by students in grades 2 though 5, covering fiction and nonfiction, including children's classics and popular series titles

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Advanced Technology In Teaching Proceedings Of The 2009 3rd International Conference On Teaching And Computational Science WTCS 2009

The volume includes a set of selected papers extended and revised from the International Conference on Teaching and Computational Science (WTCS 2009) held on December 19- 20, 2009, Shenzhen, China. WTCS 2009 best papers Volume 1 is to provide a forum...

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B Is For Bad Poetry

POETRY TEXTS & ANTHOLOGIES. This is a hysterical collection of really bad poetry! Poems mock, tease and undermine the world around us - and at anything that takes itself too seriously. The hilarious w...

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Poetry Of The Possible

The abstractions of modernism reimagined as figurations of collective self-organization

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How do I read a poem? Do I really understand poetry? This comprehensive guide demystifies the world of poetry, exploring poetic forms and traditions which can at first seem bewildering. Showing how any reader can gain more pleasure from poetry, it lo...

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Look Ma, "Hands" On Poetry

"Poetry workshops designed to help teachers and poets familiarize elementary through high students with a variety of creative and fun ways to encage their imaginations and write poetry"--[P.4] cover.

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Poetry And The Police

Darnton has ably mined the available evidence surrounding the 1749 investigation and string of arrests for sedition known as the "Affair of the Fourteen" and produced a remarkable analysis of a subver...

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Barcode Poetry

Barcode Poetry is comprised of original works of literature and art by Jeremy A. Fernandes Copyright 2010.

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Tamil New Poetry

Words translated. Thoughts in transit. Layered with dark humour and precise imagery, a collection of poems to plunge you into the core of meaning, Katha proudly presents its first anthology, tinted in...

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Romantic Poetry

Easily adaptable as both an anthology and an insightful guide to reading and understanding Romantic Poetry, this text discusses the important elements in the works from poets such as Smith, Blake, Wor...

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The Poetry Gymnasium

This book contains ninety-four exercises designed to inspire creativity and help poets hone their skills. Each exercise includes a clearly-stated learning objective, historical background matter on th...

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Poetry As Power

In this thought-provoking analysis, Liuxi Meng profiles eighteenth-century poet Qu Bingyun and her development as an artist. By giving special attention to her dynamic interaction with contemporaries,...

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New Cowboy Poetry

Poems describe the joys and hardships of ranch life and the day-to-day world of the working cowhand

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Poetry As Research

Poetry as Research develops an approach that allows poetry writing to be used as a research method for exploring questions relating to second language learners and more broadly for studies within the ...

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Give Them Poetry!

This lively book offers a host of ways for teachers to bring poetry and children together in their classrooms. The book gives examples of children's poetry writing, and methods of presenting poetry to students of any age.

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