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Soldiers Once And Still

Looks back through the twentieth century in order to confront issues of self and community in veterans' literature, exploring how war and the military have shaped the identities of Ernest Hemingway, J...

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Dogface Soldiers

A look at the camaraderie of the infamous B Company, and how they worked together to achieve their goals.

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The Winter Soldiers

In the fall of 1864, the leaders of the dying Confederacy decide to kidnap President Abraham Lincoln from the streets of Washington, and hold him for a king's ransom. They assign the plot to Philip Ba...

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Soldiers Of Destruction

Surveys the emergence of the Nazi SS and its Death's Head Division, noting the impact of this elite and powerful army upon military history.

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Soldiers Alive

When the editors of Chuo koron, Japan's leading liberal magazine, sent the prize-winning young novelist Ishikawa Tatsuzo to war-ravaged China in early 1938, they knew the independent-minded writer wou...

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Fallen Soldiers

Analyzes the myth of the war experience--the mind-set that overlooked the carnage and brutality of the two world wars and justified the conflicts

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Citizen Soldiers

Draws on interviews with enlisted men to examine the last year of the war in Europe

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We Were Soldiers Once . . . And Young

The New York Times bestseller, hailed as a “powerful and epic story . . . the best account of infantry combat I have ever read, and the most significant book to come out of the Vietnam War” by Col...

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Australian Soldiers

Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 44. Chapters: John Monash, David Kilcullen, William Refshauge, Ed...

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The New Winter Soldiers

Interviews with veterans document opposition by soldiers to the Vietnam War

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The Buffalo Soldiers

Originally published in 1967, William H. Leckie’s The Buffalo Soldiers was the first book of its kind to recognize the importance of African American units in the conquest of the West. Decades later, with sales of more than 75,000 copies, The Buffa...

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Young Soldiers

It is estimated that more than 300,000 children are involved in armed conflicts throughout the world, the vast majority through forced labour. This publication contains the personal views and experiences of child soldiers, highlighting a number of fa...

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Ghost Soldiers

Chronicles the daring mission of the elite U.S. Army Sixth Ranger Battalion to slip behind enemy lines in the Phillipines and rescue the 513 American and British POWs who had spent over three years in...

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Street Soldiers

At South Bay High, the drama just keeps on growing... In the long-awaited 15th volume of the Drama High series, Street Soldiers picks up with a murder in front of Jayd's grandparents' house. Mama and Daddy are convinced the police have the wrong susp...

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Joystick Soldiers

This collection features all new essays that explore how modern warfare has been represented in and influenced by video games. The contributors explore the history and political economy of video games...

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No Coward Soldiers

In a vibrant and passionate exploration of the twentieth-century civil rights and black power eras in American history, Waldo Martin uses cultural politics as a lens through which to understand the Af...

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Steel My Soldiers' Hearts

The commanding officer of an infantry battalion in Vietnam in 1969 recounts how he took over a demoralized unit of ordinary draftees and turned it into an elite fighting force, and describes its accomplishments.

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The Soldiers' Night Before Christmas

"'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the base Only sentries were stirring--they guarded the place. The soldiers were sleeping and snoring away As they dreamed of 'back home' on good Chri...

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Citizen Soldiers In The War Of 1812

Winner of the Army Historical Foundation Book Award During the War of 1812, state militias were intended to be the primary fighting force. Unfortunately, while militiamen showed willingness to fight, they were untrained, undisciplined, and ill-equipp...

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Soldiers Falling Into Camp

This book chronicles the controversial and unvarnished truth of Gen. George A. Custers last stand, as told by the Native American Indian descendents of the warriors and scouts who were there! This new and dramatically enhanced second edition features...

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