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Team Sports Marketing

Some might argue that sports marketing is a mere subfield of marketing, meaning that there are theoretical and practical dimensions that apply only to sports marketing and are only of interest to those involved in sports. In Team Sports Marketing, au...

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Devotions From The World Of Sports

Using sports heroes from the past and present, it gives real people and situations as examples for devotional thought. Sports included are football, baseball, basketball, Olympic sports, hockey, tenni...

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Expert Performance In Sports

"Expert Performance in Sports presents an overview of the critical issues facing researchers who study how athletes reach - and stay at - the pinnacle of their sports. The text will allow you to updat...

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Sports Coaching Cultures

'The art of coaching is recognising the situation, recognising the people and responding to the people you are working with... that's the big thing, to handle people'. Steve Harrison, Coach, Middlesbrough Football Club. Responding to the fast growing...

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Sports Data Mining

Data mining is the process of extracting hidden patterns from data, and it s commonly used in business, bioinformatics, counter-terrorism, and, increasingly, in professional sports. First popularized ...

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Sports And Entertainment Marketing

SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING. 3E incorporates feedback from instructors across the country and has expanded by three chapters. The popular sports and entertainment topics continue to be the foundation for teaching marketing concepts. Each marke...

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The Sociology Of Sports Coaching

This is the first book to describe a critical sociological perspective on sports coaching and as such it represents an important step forward in the professionalisation of the discipline.

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Sports First Aid And Injury Prevention

Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention is a concise manual developed to help coaches and athletic trainers manage the common emergencies they will likely encounter while coaching their sport. Sports F...

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Campus Recreational Sports

A focused conditional program has become essential ton on-field rugby success. Pook presents a comprehensive training approach that builds players' physical abilities as well as the rugby-specific ski...

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Sports And Safety Management

Sport and Safety Management is a comprehensive and practical handbook for all involved with the safe management of sporting events. Disasters such as Hillsborough have concentrated managers' minds on public safety and crowd control at all major event...

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Last King Of The Sports Page

Part crusader, part comedian, Jim Murray was a once-in-a-generation literary talent who just happened to ply his trade on newsprint, right near the box scores and race results. During his lifetime, Murray rose through the ranks of journalism, from ha...

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Sports, Exercise, And Fitness

An easy-to-use guide to nearly 1,000 information sources on sports, exercise, and fitness For reference librarians and researchers seeking information on sports and fitness, this guide is an important first stop. For collection development specialist...

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Clinical Sports Medicine

Accompanying CD-ROM contains ... "convenient electronic access to the text's illustrations, downloadable for use in presentations, as well as diagnosis-specific office handouts that can be given to patients who want to know more about their condition...

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Sports Law In South Africa

Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical analysis of sports law in South Africa deals with the regulation of sports activity by both public authorities and private sports organizations. The growing in...

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Hot Topics In Sports And Athletics

Sports and athletics are at once big business, spectator sports, body conditioning, mind expanding and it has been said form the only pages of most newspapers which are truthful and without political agendas. This book presents articles which are of ...

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Practical Sports Nutrition

"Practical Sports Nutrition" provides detailed, sport-specific advice that enables you to approach individual athletes and teams with an understanding of their sport and unique nutritional needs.

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Statistical Thinking In Sports

Since the first athletic events found a fan base, sports and statistics have always maintained a tight and at times mythical relationship. As a way to relay the telling of a game's drama and attest to the prodigious powers of the heroes involved, tho...

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The Sports Leadership Playbook

Examples of ineffective and even negative leaders are all too abundant in sports. Poor leadership attitudes are a great loss for players, coaches, teams, schools, communities and society as a whole. To become productive leaders, coaches, administrato...

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Sports In American Life

This new edition of Davies’ highly praised narrative of American sports history makes use of the very latest research and now includes updated and expanded coverage of major sporting events since 2006, extreme sports, and women in sports. Extensive...

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Matra Sports Cars

This book details the origin and history of the Matra sports cars. Designed and built by a French firm with no history of sports car racing to contest the various versions of the World Sports Car Championship between 1966 and 1974, this series of car...

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