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Preventing Youth Problems

This book provides information needed to prevent five of the most common, costly, and dangerous problems of adolescence: anti-social behavior, tobacco use, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual behavior ...

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Alcohol Problems Among Adolescents

Alcohol misuse presents a major risk for health and well-being throughout the life-span, but youth have a special vulnerability. Alcohol is the most widely used drug by adolescents. For some, this may...

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Healing Pluto Problems

Well-written and moving account of Pluto in the natal chart, and how Pluto aspects can affect childhood, adulthood, and life in general. Open discussion of child abuse, rape, incest, violence, repression, manipulative types and how they got thatway. ...

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Quantum Mechanics :Through Problems

The Importance Of Problem-Solving In Understanding The Principles And Applications Of Quantum Mechanics Cannot Be Over-Emphasized. As Such, The Book Will Be A Valuable Tool For The Students Of Quantum Mechanics. The Book Is Divided Into Two Parts. Th...

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121 Heuristics For Solving Problems

Creative solutions are easily recognizable, after they have been created. But how to attain them? This book is about a promising approach to creative problem solving - the use of heuristics. The main purpose of an heuristic is to make problem solving...

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Biometric Inverse Problems

Traditional methods of biometric analysis are unable to overcome the limitations of existing approaches, mainly due to the lack of standards for input data, privacy concerns involving use and storage of actual biometric data, and unacceptable accurac...

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Wicked Environmental Problems

"Wicked" problems are large-scale, long-term policy dilemmas in which multiple and compounding risks and uncertainties combine with sharply divergent public values to generate contentious political stalemates; wicked problems in the environmental are...

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New Developments In Contact Problems

The book gives an overview on formulation, mathematical analysis and numerical solution procedures of contact problems. In this respect the book should be of value to applied mathematicians and engineers who are concerned with contact mechanics.

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Problems And Solutions For Students

Problems and Solutions for Students

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White Girl Problems

A comic tale based on the popular Twitter feed follows the exploits of egocentric Babe Walker, who after a stint in rehab for her shopping addiction tackles such vanity challenges as achieving celebri...

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Problems In Laser Physics

This book presents the first comprehensive collection of solved problems in laser physics covering both fundamental and applied aspects of laser science and technology. The framework of the book, incl...

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Or How To Recover From Problems With Your WRT54GL

WRT54GL startup. How to not reset the NVRAM if pressed during the time. OpenWRT is .

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Physiology Cases And Problems

This collection of 62 cases covers the clinically relevant physiology topics that first- and second-year medical students need to know for a first-year physiology course and for USMLE step 1.

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Cardiac Problems In Pregnancy

Recent medical advances have made pregnancy possible for women with heart disease and saved lives. Completely revised and expanded, this latest edition of this successful and authoritative clinical guide provides step-by-step treatment methods in a c...

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Example Problems GE 5 6 Parker Boiler

G.E. 5. EXAMPLE PROBLEMS. 8D. 1. PROBLEM: It is desired to heat up 10,000 pounds of sugar to 160oF. Assume initial temperature to be 60oF and heat 

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Inverse Problems And Imaging

In the CIME Summer School on Imaging, experts in mathematical techniques and applications presented useful introductions to many aspects of the field. This volume contains updated lectures as well as additional contributions on other related topics.

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Contemporary Moral Problems

Explore today's challenging moral terrain with James White's CONTEMPORARY MORAL PROBLEMS. The ninth edition examines the compelling and contentious debate over society's most pressing ethical controversies. This anthology covers divergent viewpoints ...

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MGB & MGB GT Your Expert Guide To Problems & How To Fix Them

First book in the exciting new Auto-Doc series from Veloce Publishing.With Auto-Doc the doctor's on call 24-7. Your very own expert on all the MGB's common faults and foibles - and how to fix them.Establish quickly by , sound, vibration, appearance o...

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Www Insidemathematics Org Problems Of The Month Pom

WWW INSIDEMATHEMATICS ORG PROBLEMS OF THE MONTH POM ebenenbasierter schaltplan fr alle gngigen simson s51, gibson dark fire owner's .

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Understanding Voice Problems

Now in its 3rd edition, this book emphasizes the physiological perspective of voice disorders & the behavioral & emotional factors that can influence these changes. Coverage includes in-depth explorations of patient-interviewing, history-taking, exam...

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