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The Philippine Economy

An examination of all major facets of the Philippine economy and development policy, this title looks to the past and to the future using approaches that are descriptive, analytical, interpretive and comparative. It assesses trends since the 1980s, i...

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Philippine Fermented Foods

"Based on the author's extensive experience as professor and practitioner in the field of applied microbiology, the book provides a detailed description of Philippine fermented foods, the process of improving traditional fermentation methods, and the...

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Philippine Recipes Made Violeta Noriega

Philippine Recipes Made Easy...

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Managing International Labor Migration: The Philippine

Jul 1, 2011 - This paper reviews the Philippine international labor migration management infrastructure using promulgated governing international labor migration, and on the transportation to and from the worksite, and free food and .

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The Poea Citizen Charter Philippine Overseas

World-class Filipino migrant workers objection certificate (NOC), or records etc.; WOLs/BM without valid visas may submit visa guarantee letter from their .

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Biodiversity II:

"The book before you . . . carries the urgent warning that we are rapidly altering and destroying the environments that have fostered the diversity of life forms for more than a billion years." With those words, Edward O. Wilson opened the landmark v...

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Biodiversity And The Law

'Improving the international governance of biodiversity is a very necessary but enormous challenge. These top quality essays which comprise the finest collection published so far on this controversial...

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This important book for scientists and nonscientists alike calls attention to a most urgent global problem: the rapidly accelerating loss of plant and animal species to increasing human population pressure and the demands of economic development. Bas...

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Biodiversity And Its Significance

Biodiversity and its Significance deals with the various fundamental aspects of biodiversity, which have a direct and strong impact on human beings and their environment. It comprises 20 articles cont...

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Conserving Biodiversity:

The loss of the earth's biological diversity is widely recognized as a critical environmental problem. That loss is most severe in developing countries, where the conditions of human existence are most difficult. Conserving Biodiversity presents an a...

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Biodiversity Hotspots

Biodiversity and its conservation are among the main global topics in science and politics and perhaps the major challenge for the present and coming generations. This book written by international experts from different disciplines comprises general...

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Biodiversity Of Fungi

Biodiversity of Fungi is essential for anyone collecting and/or monitoring any fungi. Fascinating and beautiful, fungi are vital components of nearly all ecosystems and impact human health and our economy in a myriad of ways. Standardized methods for...

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Insect Biodiversity

Insect Biodiversity: Science and Society brings togetherleading scientific experts to assess the impact insects have onhumankind and the earth’s fragile ecosystems. It examines whyinsect biodiversity matters and how the rapid evolution of insectspe...

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Tomorrow's Biodiversity

It is received wisdom for today's politicians and scientists that the only way to produce enough food for a growing global population is to clear and claim more land for agriculture, to specialize in ...

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The Economics Of Biodiversity Conservation

Economic valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services is possibly the most powerful tool for halting the loss of biodiversity while maintaining incomes and livelihoods. Yet rarely have such approaches been applied to tropical forest ?hotspots?, w...

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Biodiversity And Traditional Knowledge

First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

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Handbook Of Biodiversity Methods

Biodiversity is recognised to be of global importance, yet species and habitats continue to be under increasing pressure from human-induced influences. Environmental concerns are high on the political agenda, driving increased legislation to protect ...

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Biodiversity In Dead Wood

A comprehensive overview of wood-inhabiting fungi, insects and vertebrates, discussing habitat requirements along with strategies for maintaining biodiversity.

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Biodiversity And Ecophysiology Of Yeasts

In the last few decades more and more yeast habitats have been explored, spanning cold climates to tropical regions and dry deserts to rainforests. As a result, a large body of ecological data has been accumulated and the number of known yeast specie...

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Biodiversity And Human Health

The implications of biodiversity loss for the global environment have been widely discussed, but only recently has attention been paid to its direct and serious effects on human health. Biodiversity l...

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