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Ride Or Die Chick II

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Ride Or Die Chick II Book
Ride Or Die Chick II has been read 2 times which last read at 2016-06-17 13:08:42, Bellow will show you the book content preview of Ride Or Die Chick II and its absolutely available for read online and free download.
After the dust settles, Teflon has some unfinished business to handle. But she's not riding alone as Treacherous' father, Richie Gunz is willing to risk everything and hang tight for the ride.The saga continues!
Title Ride Or Die Chick II
Category Fiction
Author J. M. Benjamin
Publisher A New Quality Publishing
Pub Date 2009
Number of Page 190
ISBN 9780979861413
File Name ride-or-die-chick-ii-227076.pdf
Read 2
Last Read 2016-06-17 13:08:42
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