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Out Of The Devil's Cauldron

Have you ever wondered if Satan is real? In his book Out of the Devil's Caldron: A Journey from Darkness to Light, John Ramirez tells the story of how he was trained to be the third-ranked high priest...

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Madeline McDowell Breckinridge And The Battle For A New South

Preeminent Kentucky reformer and women’s rights advocate Madeline McDowell Breckinridge (1872–1920) was at the forefront of social change during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A descendant of Henry Clay and the daughter of two...

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Reckless Heart Elloras Madeline Baker

Hannah and Shadow had played together as children. He taught her to fish. She shared her mother's cookies with him because he had no mother of his own. Then, abruptly, Shadow and his people left the valley. When he returns, Hannah is a beautiful youn...

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Cauldron Of Resistance

In 1955, Ngo Dinh Diem organized an election to depose chief-of-state Bao Dai, after which he proclaimed himself the first president of the newly created Republic of Vietnam. The United States sanctio...

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The Pakistan Cauldron

Understanding the treacherous currents of Pakistani politics

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The Devil's Bed

The creator of the critically acclaimed, award-winning Cork O'Connor mystery series presents a haunting, atmospheric conspiracy thriller. Locked in a tight battle for reelection, President Clay Dixon ...

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In Bed With The Devil

They call him the Devil Earl—a scoundrel and accused murderer who grew up on the violent London streets. A proper young lady risks more than her reputation when consorting with the roguishly handsom...

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Devil To Pay

Blake Turner had it all—until a demon decided to take residence in his soul. Plagued with constant black outs and a trail of dead bodies in his wake, Blake thinks vampire Elise is his best chance at...

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The Devil I Know

In November 1974, 23-year-old Ronnie DeFeo was convicted of murdering his entire family. Decades later, he was haunted by a terrifying demon from his past. But no one wanted to listen. Except one woma...

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The Devil At Large

Fearless, iconic poet, novelist, and feminist Erica Jong offers a fascinating in-depth appreciation of the controversial life and work of American literary giant Henry Miller Henry Miller (Tropic of C...

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The Devil In Pew Number Seven

Rebecca Nichols Alonzo recounts the events surrounding her father's murder, describing how a church member who refused to give up control when Robert Nichols took over as pastor tormented and threaten...

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The Devil's Causeway

As the United States prosecuted a bloody campaign to pacify its newly won Philippines territory at the turn of the nineteenth century, a secret mission of mercy went terribly wrong. The result was a p...

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The Devil Worships

A mystical ancient bracelet lies hosted in the soil of Limpopo in an area known as Bushbuckridge. It survived for hundreds of years but was later discovered by one anthropology student whilst in the midst of an anthropology fieldwork. A few weeks lat...

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Devil's Game

Liam “Hunter” Blake hates the Reapers MC. Born and raised a Devil’s Jack, he knows his duty. He’ll defend his club from their oldest enemies—the Reapers—using whatever weapons he can find....

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The Devil's Derivatives

A compelling narrative on what went wrong with our financial system—and who’s to blame. From an award-winning journalist who has been covering the industry for more than a decade, The Devil’s De...

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Beating The Devil

Carlos, a young man who has grown up near El Paso, Texas, succumbs to the allure of Mexico and crosses the Rio Grande to embark on a mythic journey. Bearing the scars of a cruel childhood, Carlos is e...

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The White Devil

The White Devil gives us a compellingly dangerous and fascinating woman who consents to the murder of her ineffectual husband. Her defence against the charge of adultery transforms a lurid tale of crime into high tragedy. Webster's play is a vivid st...

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Deal With The Devil

From an award-winning investigative reporter: the shocking story of the mob killer who terrorized the streets of New York City for decades . . . while working for the FBI In Deal with the Devil, five-...

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A Devil's Chaplain

The first collection of essays from renowned scientist and best-selling author Richard Dawkins is an enthusiastic declaration, a testament to the power of rigorous scientific examination to reveal the...

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Devil's Gate

Devil’s Gate—the name conjures difficult passage and portends a doubtful outcome. In this eloquent and captivating narrative, Tom Rea traces the history of the Sweetwater River valley in central Wyoming—a remote place including Devil’s Gate, ...

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